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We apply big data technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning to stock analysis to make finding, screening and analyzing investment opportunities efficient, fast and intelligent.


Meet a Smarter and More Efficient Analyst

HeyStocks combines an advanced chart trend analysis, chart patterns recognition, and technical indicators tool into a powerful stock market timing system. We will help you to find good trades, develop discipline, and avoid the traps of emotional trading.


Nr. 1 Stock market screener in Europe

Get daily stock recommendations and visual chart analysis of stocks across Europe. We offer automatic identification of stock patterns, coupled with powerful tools to monitor the market. We recognizes multiple different chart patterns, so that you can find bullish and bearish setups without ever having to draw a single trend line.


Clear and simple pricing.

We offer flexible subscriptions for all types of investors. You can increase the number of available features as your investment profile grow.

Professional tool with enhanced features

Stock screener

Quickly explore the markets for stocks with our super-fast and advanced stock screener.

Smart charts

Experience smart charts with automatic technical analysis.

Autodrawn Trendlines

Use our automatic trendlines to define and project price trends in all stocks.

Alerts and notifications

Monitor baskets of securities for new patterns or technical activity.

Technical Studies Backtest

Test your trading strategies based on historic market data and simulate how your trading system might perform in the future.


Search and identify bullish and bearish instances of the most popular candlestick patterns in the world.

Stock and pattern screener.

Easily search after stocks that fit your criteria you choose based on timeframes, stock exchanges, fundamental data, analyst ratings, technical indicators, stock patterns and technical events, candlestics and much more.

Advanced pattern recognition.

Pattern recognition is a premium feature that helps you spot technical stock patterns by automatically drawing them on the smart charts. The advanced software algorithms search through all stocks daily.


Here is how it works.

Our stock research platform gives you all the data, analysis tools and support you need to make smarter, more profitable investing decisions. Combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis to increase your potential for success.

Configure your screener settings.
Let the screener do the analyzing!
Browse through results and pick a winner.
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